New Ordinances Possibly Affecting You – 2023

We have enacted two new ordinances that will impact residents of the borough.

Ord. 343 – Regulation of fire alarm systems. –  The response to false alarms places an undue burden on public safety, reduces the preparedness of the East Rochester Borough public safety to respond to actual emergencies, and presents significant health, safety and welfare hazards to the citizens and guests of East Rochester Borough by diverting limited public safety resources from legitimate requests for such assistance. Those who utilize faulty alarm systems which repeatedly generate false alarms that necessitate public safety response are misusing available public safety resources. In order to prevent such false alarm’s East Rochester Borough is providing  a method for the regulation of the incidences of false alarms and provide penalties for chronic offenders, to encourage alarm users to maintain the operational  reliability and proper use of alarm systems in order to reduce unnecessary public safety responses to false alarms.

Ord. 344 – Recovery of Costs and/or Expenses for its services through claims submitted only yo individual owners’ insurance policies. – East Rochester Borough wishes to provide for the recovery of any and all costs and/or expenses incurred by the Rochester Fire Department which may be obtainable by the Department through the submission of claims only to the individual owners’ insurance carrier for policies which provide for reimbursement to the Fire Department for their services. This includes property insurance, vehicle insurance or any other applicable insurance coverage.

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